Is LynxCME an accredited provider of AMA, ANCC, or ACPE credit?
No, LynxCME is a non-accredited provider/joint sponsor of continuing education for physicians, nurses, and pharmacists.

Does LynxCME have any financial relationships with industry?
No, LynxCME is an independent company that is not affiliated with any other company or commercial interest. LynxCME maintains its own management, governance documents, employees (in all areas including but not limited to clinical services, project management, accounting, administrative services), communications systems (inclusive of phone, fax, email, database, and server), and has full control over all CME/CE planning, implementation, and financial operations.

How does LynxCME determine educational needs for continuing education activities?
LynxCME utilizes a CME Planning Committee for all certified accredited programs. The CME Planning Committee is made up of all LyncCME employees, accredited provider partner employees, and faculty for any given program. Outside Key Opinion Leaders in all disciplines (including MDs, Nurses, and Pharmacists) have an active role in driving all clinical content in the planning process and play an active role on the CME Planning Committee. The roles of the CME Planning Committee include the identification of CME/CE needs assessment, gap analysis, determination of educational objectives, selection and presentation of content, selection of all persons and organizations that will be in a position to control content of the CME/CE, selection of educational methods, and evaluation of all activities.

How does LynxCME ensure that all CME activities are conducted in compliance with accreditation standards?
Central to LynxCME's commitment to ACCME Compliance is the quarterly convening of the Compliance Committee. The Compliance Committee is made up of the Chief Executive Officer, Brian F. Tyburski, BS; Kristin Gusack, RD, Executive Director, Medical Learning Institute; along with two outside general counsel to the Compliance Committee, Patrick Hurd, and Suzanne Carter, Attorneys at Law, LeclairRyan, who are fully versed in ACCME regulations. The purpose of the Compliance Committee is to maintain checks-and-balances on the independence of all activities, the full cooperation of all faculty, planners, and implementers to abide by all Corporate and ACCME Policies (including all Corporate Policies on Commercial Support, Content Validation, Financial Disclosures, and Independence; and any relevant information included in the Corporate Policy Manual), and to continue training of all employees on all current Corporate and ACCME Policies. The Compliance Committee reviews all Planning Documents, budget documents, Program Evaluation data, Faculty CVs, Peer-review documents, and any other documents involved in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of any program.

Where can I find information about your corporate policies?
All LynxCME policies are accessible on the Policies page of our website. Please, click here to access our corporate policies.

I have a question not listed in this FAQ, can you help me to find an answer?
Yes, please contact us using our online form.